Membership Services

Make connections, stay informed, train and educate your employees, build your business, and be a part of our amplified voice on industry issues.


All members receive the OVCEC Weekly Newsletter to keep informed of the latest industry news. A Daily Plan Room Update service is also available by subscription. Local, state, and national labor relations, legal construction news items, and safety issues are included in the quarterly Under Construction Magazine.


Our members have excellent networking opportunities through OVCEC’s social activities, committees, and as they work together to advance the industry. View our upcoming events.

Member Directory

Once a member, a free company listing will be added to our Member Directory, allowing you to advertise your services to OVCEC members and others.

Public Relations

It is through the efforts of the OVCEC that the voice of the membership is projected and amplified into all forms of civic and industry-wide activities. Purchasers of construction services and the general public are constantly reminded that OVCEC membership represents the highest degree of skill, quality, and service.

Cost Savings Programs

OVCEC members can take advantage of discounts and savings programs from a number of local and national businesses.

Construction Advancement Program (CAP)

The principal activities of the Council are supported by contributions made to the Construction Advancement Program (CAP). The Construction Advancement Program of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, Inc. is created out of a recognition by employers of construction labor of the responsibility of collectively sharing in defraying the cost of conducting, administering, and servicing every phase of labor/management relations.

Apprenticeship and Trust Fund Programs

The future of our nation depends on the construction industry and the youth it trains today to meet the needs of tomorrow; therefore, the Council, through the efforts of its Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees (labor and management), sanctioned by the U. S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, and promotes the training and employment of apprentices and retraining of journeymen. High schools and vocational teachers are acquainted with construction occupations available to high school graduates through formal presentations by the Council’s staff. OVCEC members also serve as Employer Trustees on various individual craft Medical Benefit and Pension Plans.


OVCEC advertises and promotes members to owners and developers seeking quality contractors for their construction needs. We actively seek opportunities to highlight our members’ projects and expertise.

Labor Relations Support

-Representation in contract negotiations.
-Resolution of disputes with labor unions related to both contractual and noncontractual matters.
-Advice and counsel relating to the interpretation and administration of collective bargaining agreements.
-Advice and counsel relating to labor and employment disputes under federal and state law.
-Informational bulletins relating to current labor developments.
-Current and future wage and fringe benefit information for all building trades in the Ohio Valley.

Professional Training


The OVCEC is determined to give our members ways to link with other members. Committee work is essential to the success of the OVCEC. Committee meetings help to mold the construction industry and the Council. Participation in committees allows contractors to share ideas, cultivate policies and programs, and launch valuable contacts with industry leaders and state and federal agencies.

Legislative Advocacy

OVCEC works diligently to keep our members informed on issues that affect their businesses and the construction industry. Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to increase the excellence and diversity of the construction workforce, upsurge jobsite safety, and provide services that strengthen the industry. OVCEC also works with national, regional, state, and local construction associations, chambers of commerce, and others to improve the industry.

Plan Room Services

The OVCEC Plan Room provides access to plans and specifications for Tri-State Area projects. Our online plan room allows members to view plans, specs, and addenda for all projects from their home or office. The OVCEC staff is available to help you with any of your project needs. This includes help finding specifically requested projects and taking orders ahead of time so your prints can be ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

Labor and Management

OVCEC works collaboratively with the Upper Ohio Valley Building Trades through Project BEST. The non-profit organization was created to facilitate industry development and promote the Ohio Valley’s public and private construction. Working closely with JATC apprenticeship programs, we encourage the skilled trades as an avenue for anyone interested in a tuition free career. Project BEST also advocates for responsible contracting policies, ensuring contractors have a track record of completing quality jobs while providing employees with fair wages and benefits.

Learn more about Project BEST.


Regular – General Contractors and Specialty Contractors

Regular membership in Council may be applied for, had, and maintained by associations of employers engaged in the construction industry employing one or more craft unions which associations have historically negotiated a separate labor agreement with such craft union; employers who are not members of an employer association described above, but who are actively engaged in the construction industry employing one or more craft unions with whom Council negotiates; and/or employers specifically approved by the Executive Committee notwithstanding the fact that neither criteria above are satisfied and contingent upon said employers remaining actively engaged in the construction industry. Regular Members must be participants in the Construction Advancement Program. Each application for Regular Membership must be accompanied by one or more references from a Regular Member and approved by the Executive Committee at it’s complete discretion.


Construction industry-related firms or companies who are not eligible for Regular Membership, but who are used by contractors engaged in construction, may be eligible for Affiliate Membership in the Council and apply to join. Each application must be accompanied by one or more references from a Regular Member or officer and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at it’s complete discretion. Affiliate Member representatives shall be privileged to attend all pertinent meetings, seminars, or conventions of the Council, receive pertinent mailings, including newsletters and updates, and shall be privileged to participate in all pertinent activities of the Council.


Those companies, corporations, firms, partnerships, and owners who utilize union contractors for the construction, rehabilitation, erection and/or demolition of their projects, shall be eligible for Associate Membership in the Council and make application to join. Each application must be approved by the Executive Committee at it’s complete discretion.