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As a resource to our members and the design and construction industry, the OVCEC provides the following helpful links and resources.  If you can’t find information you need, just give us a call or send us an email.  Visit our contact page for our contact information.

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Regular Membership

Regular membership in Council may be applied for, had, and maintained by associations of employers engaged in the construction industry employing one or more craft unions which associations have historically negotiated a separate labor agreement with such craft union…


Associate Membership

Those companies, corporations, firms, partnerships, and owners who utilize union contractors for the construction, rehabilitation, erection and/or demolition of their projects, shall be eligible for Associate Membership in the Council and make application to join. Each application must be approved by the Advisory Board of Directors at its complete discretion.


Affiliate Membership

From time to time, as deemed prudent by the Advisory Board of Directors, other construction industry-related firms or companies who are not eligible for Regular Membership, but who are used by contractors engaged in construction, may be eligible for Affiliate Membership in the Council and apply to join. Each application must be accompanied by one or more references from a Regular Member or officer and approved by a majority vote of the Advisory Board of Directors present at the Advisory Board’s complete discretion.